I'm Jovanna

A Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Workshop Leader, Facilitator, Collaborator and Self-Care activist.

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As a purpose driven Latina, I am intentional about serving underrepresented communities. I understand first hand the special challenges that minority women of color face in navigating career and family while also managing modern day stress.  As a Health & Lifestyle educator and practitioner, I am passionate about sharing holistic practices for positive change so that our family's and communities have a chance to heal and live from a place of wholeness. 


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"Health is the new wealth and it's time you own it!"



The VIDA SANA HEALTH & LIFESTYLE was born out of a desire to uplift underserved communities by sharing the transformational benefits of Yoga.   Prior to my finding this path, I was passionately pursuing a traditional career in Business and Accounting Operations.   In 2013 I took a sabbatical and it was then that I made the commitment to focus on my mental and physical well-being which then led me to this new path, and a renewed purpose to fuel my passion. 

Fast forward to the present moment and I realize we are living in unprecedented times.  With so much happening today, I am aware of just how difficult it can be to set time aside for Self-Care, especially if you have the relentless pressures to sustaining yourselves and your families with all the challenges of today.  No doubt, the global pandemic has brought special attention to our health and well-being, and as a result many people around the world are discovering Mindfulness practices such as Yoga, meditation and breathwork for having massive benefits to managing everyday stress.     


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