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You have arrived to Vida Sana Health & Lifestyle, a wellness boutique offering one-on-one coaching, individualized and group programs and content focusing on sustainable healthy living. 


As an Integrative Health Coach I provide my clients with ongoing support by exploring lifestyle choices that enable individuals to reach current and future health goals.

I believe that living empowered starts with SELF-CARE.  My approach towards wellness is grounded in exploring ways to optimize my client's mind and body health in an integrative way. 


It takes commitment in doing the work to make sustainable changes.  But seeking meaningful change doesn't have to be hard.  My coaching style is uplifting and motivational and I am passionate about guiding clients to discover a healthy lifestyle that works for each individual, because each person's needs are unique.    

If you are ready to have a conversation and explore your individual wellness goals or find a health program for your group, please schedule a free consultation with me TODAY!


"Health is the new wealth and it's time you own it!"

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In my practice I take a holistic approach to wellness, which means that I focus on everything in your life that nourishes you - in addition to supplements and the food on your plate.  Having healthy habits that include exercise, rest and nutrition are all ingredients to support your health and well-being. 


As your coach, I will support you to make step-by-step changes to your lifestyle habits, so that you reach your goals and sustain them for the long-term.  I will offer you an opportunity to self-explore, to self-reflect and to tune in, in a non-judgmental and compassionate space. 

I center the intersections of Mindfulness and Integrative Nutrition as cornerstones to living in harmony with mind, body and spirit. 


I am here to help you reclaim your health and life.  Book a free consultation with me and learn how I can help you reset your health and life! 


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