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I'm Jovanna Perez Lydon

A Certified Integrative Health Coach, a champion for Heath and Lifestyle transformation, and Self-Care advocate.  Bilingual - hablo espanol.

Welcome, I am so delighted you're here.


My mission is to empower Latinas to reclaim their health and lifestyle through radical self-care! I specialize in helping Mujeres heal from chronic stress through Yoga, Nutrition, and various holistic wellness modalities.  If you are a , care-giver, career women, or all the above - you are a SUPER WOMEN!  In today's modern day, women wear multiple hats every given day. However, I have no doubt that in your attempts to balance it all you may be struggling with stress, overwhelm and perhaps burnout. 


I understand firsthand the special challenges that us women face with trying to take care of ever need in our work and family life.  I also know that taking care of life's ongoing demands while neglecting our own needs is not a sustainable way to live.   Lets face it, we just can't pour from an empty cup!


I am passionate about helping women make positive lasting lifestyle changes so that they thrive, and live from a place of satisfaction, balance and ease.  And yes, I do believe this is possible for you and anyone who is willing to receive support and be resourced!

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"Health is the new wealth and it's time you own it!"

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NOURISH    restore    THRIVE 

The VIDA SANA HEALTH & LIFESTYLE was born out of a desire to uplift purpose driven women; like myself, who once struggled with stress and declining health.  After experiencing my own health journey and transformation, I decided leave to my 9-5 career as a Financial Accountant to become a Yoga Teacher and later a Health Coach.  I have been helping women to self-care and to reclaim their health since 2016.  


As your health coach I offer support in the areas of stress management, work life balance, setting healthy boundaries, nutrition, and support with helping you develop a lifestyle that NOURISHES you, in all the areas of your life.  Do you want to have more energy, better sleep, feel happy and healthy?  Do you want to feel more at ease, balance, and satisfaction in your life?  This is possible for you!  And you deserve to feel amazing in your body and in your life.  


I will help you identify your challenges, to get clear on your values and desires, and guide you to align your intentions with your ideal health and life.  My mission in my programs is to empower, educate and coach you towards reaching your long-term goals.   Why is our well-being important? Because when us women are nourished and resourced, we cause a positive ripple effect within our families, in our workplace, and in our community!

If you are ready to reset your health and live in your highest wellbeing,  book a complimentary consultation and start your wellness journey today!

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