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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Rituals have been brought into the lime light in the wellness space, and for good reason. Rituals awaken our spirit, activate our engagement with our life, and move us through intention to take action in a special way. Ritual practice are the grounds that feed our daily routine so that we promote ourselves with wellbeing and personal growth.


Rituals have a spiritual aspect to the practice. They are sacred to the individual who performs them. In traditions, rituals are a series of ceremonial activities prepared in religious services. They are also practiced in cultural customs to honor the associations of marriage, to celebrate birth, and to honor death. Perhaps we've inherited our rituals in how we commemorate birthdays and anniversaries, or in how they play a role during holidays; Posadas, Navidad or La Purisima; a quintessential celebration for the Virgin Mary in Nicaragua that happens December 7th.

Rituals can be a beautiful practice that foster respect, love, devotion, and that pays tribute to the things that we value. The question is what do we value, and how can we adapt a daily practice to support what we value? It may require us to raise our awareness and to evaluate how we want to show up everyday. Having a personal ritual can help us develop daily routines that anchor us, that provide steadiness, and that build our adaptability and resiliency. In modern day, a ritual can serve as a practical approach towards supporting our intentions, our wellbeing and our goals.

High performers acclaim their dedication to daily habits or mindful practices for experiencing sustainability and great success. Tony Robbins is a master of self-discipline. His ritual is called "Priming", a three part program that include breathing, gratitude, and praying for 10 minutes everyday. Entrepreneur, investor and author Tim Ferriss is adept at reserving his mornings for his ritual of 20 minute meditations. And Oprah Winfrey fills the top of her hour with meditation followed by heart-pumping treadmill exercise.